Please Share a Testimony with the Twitterverse

twitterate (v) telling a testimony verse (adj) having heard or shared such a twitterverse
Tweeting from your own twitter does not require any group collection (or sorting) to send.
Including hashtag #twv will almost always get retweeted by @faithglasses (but not saved).

Popcorn Praise can be made using your Facebook or Twitter (or wp) to Universe of Eternity.
Like bands and churches, connecting you (by location) is encouraged through an open worship.

TWV comments require a verified e-mail (or free wp), from home or any post (by verse or topic).
Replies can be nested up to 2 levels deep for finer threading, and shared anywhere by permalink.
Testimony feeds the worship website, while creativity sparks the Electronic Editors Version (eev).

TWV / EEV Artwork, devotions, drawings, photos, poems, video (etc) are especially encouraged.
Twitter, WordPress, and You Tube links are acceptable, but (even so) are delayed by moderation.

TWV postings require free WordPress sign-up (or log-in), and work from the home page (above).
Such root postings get sorted, and saved for more sharing (by buttons), and from the daily fav(s).